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Jesse James "Visits" Columbia!!!

What follows on this page is the source of a lot of "controversy" here. It is thought to be common knowledge that Jesse James robbed the Bank of Columbia in 1872 and this "fact" has been reported in many newspapers, books, and other media over the years. However, some disagree. I don't know myself. The Bank of Columbia was robbed on April 29, 1872, in much the same style as the James (a.k.a James-Younger) Gang was known to use. The facts of the robbery are not in dispute--to my knowledge at least. The dispute is whether or not it was actually Jesse that pulled the job. You can draw your own conclusions. I'm just "reporting" what I found on the subject in the vertical file at the library. You can click on the various links below to read transcripts of several newspaper articles from this file. [I'm sure you'll notice that several accounts disagree in places!]

      The James-Younger Robbery in Columbia
A Well Remembered Visit...

Created on ... September 26, 2001