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Ballenger Family Photos

Here are some photos of the Ballenger Family of Adair/Russell County, Kentucky.  The originals are in the possession of my mother-in-law.  They were found when cleaning out her mother's things, as this is her mother's family.  I have tried to identify them as completely as possible.  If you would like more information on this family, feel free to email me and I will be happy to share anything that I have.  Some of the thumbnails aren't as clear as I wanted, but if you would like to see them "full size", just click on one (but these may take a LONG time to view!)  I hope you enjoy them!

The Ballenger Family, earlyThis photo shows Jacob Smith Ballenger and his wife, Elizabeth Bell, along with all but the youngest of their children (as she was not yet born!). Shown left to right are:

The Ballenger Family, laterThis photo is believed to be the family of Jacob Smith Ballenger and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Bell, at a much later date than the first photo. The photo was unidentified, but you can tell that the men are the same. Included in this one must be some grandchildren as well. If anyone related to this family can identify any of those pictured, please email me!

Homer BallengerThis is Homer Ballenger, son of Jacob Smith & Mary Elizabeth. Doesn't he look distinguished?
Luther & Beulah DensonThis photo is of Luther Thomas Denson and his wife, Elnora Beulah Ballenger.

Marvin BallengerThis photo shows Marvin Ballenger, son of Jacob Smith & Mary Elizabeth, in his uniform.

Murvin BallengerThis photo shows Murvin Ballenger, son of Jacob Smith & Mary Elizabeth, in his uniform.

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