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Delaware County, Indiana

Charles E. "Kid" Beeson Scrap Book

My grandfather, Jeptha Earl Patterson, graduated from Muncie High School in 1888. He went on to become a lawyer, following in his father's footsteps. His boyhood friend, Charles E. Beeson, went on to a life of entertainment that included acrobatics, skating, polo, "balloonatics" and so forth. Earl Patterson and Charles "Kid" Beeson remained friends throughout their life.

Amongst my grandfather's belongings were a number of memorabilia, much of which appears to have been sent to my grandfather by "Kid" during their last years. Many of these items are articles which contain recognizable Muncie area (and Anderson) names. Others are photos of high school and later-life friends, some postcards of the old skating rink and other interesting items associated with Charles "Kid" Beeson. Most of these have notes on them written by Mr. Beeson and I will include these when possible. I offer these not only because "Kid" Beeson was a noted Muncie figure but because others may find their relatives mentioned while browsing through my grandfather's scrapbook.
Shirley Pearson
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Charles E. Beeson 1888
Senior Picture
Muncie High School


Muncie High School
Commencement Program
June 8, 1888

Page 2 Program


Polo Players - 1888

Charles E. "Kid" Beeson
("Kid's" note: Captain, "Center", Muncie Polo Player)

F. K. Buchanan
("Kid's" note: Rusher - Frank R. "Buck" Buchanan)

E. William "Billy" Kirk
("Kid's" note: Rusher - Muncie Polo Player)

George Maddy
("Kid's" note: Half Back, Muncie Polo Player)

Arthur Johnson Benefit

"Kid" Beeson's note on back:
This benefit was for Johnson on account of getting a broken arm.
Kirk Brothers Royal Polo Wager

Note by "Kid" Beeson
June 14, 1931
Charles Beeson
123 Kinney St.
Ocean Park, California
Best regards

Beeson High School & Other Clippings