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[My Paternal, 5th Great Grandparents]

Mathias M. Yoakum


Elinor Zeh (See)

Their Story

Mathias Yoakum (name was changed from Jochem during this period) was born in New York City, New York. He married Elinor Zeh who was born in what is present day Germany.

Mathias Yoakum was one of the first to bring wagons down the South Branch of the Potomac River. Tradition has the year of this settlement as 1745. After his death his will was probated in 1783 in Lincoln County, Kentucky.

Mathias M. Yoakum, b. 1705 at New York, NY, m. Elinor Zeh, 1727 at VA  d. 18 February 1783 at Botetourt Co., VA..

[His parents] 

Father: Francis nmn Yoakum, b. 1678 at New Amsterdam, America, d. 17 August 1751 at Frederick Co., VA (now Hampshire Co., WV)

Mother: Millie nmn Felty, b. 1680 at New Amsterdam, America, d. 27 June 1745

[His wife]

Elinor Zeh (pronounced SEE, some reports show her mother as Judy Tschudi), b. 1710/12 at Silesia, Deutchland, Europe, m. Mathias M. Yoakum 1727 at VA, d. 15 July 1782 in Botetourt Co., VA

[Her parents]

Father: Johannes Jerge Ludwig Zeh

Mother: Mary Margaret Tschudi

note: unsure that her mother was M.M.T., Johannes may have been married before marrying M.M.T. and his wife, Elinor's mother may have died in Europe or on shipboard.

Children of Mathias & Eleanor

1: Francis nmn Yoakum, b. 1729 at Frederick Co., VA (now Hampshire Co., WV), d. 11 April 1780 at Frederick Co., VA (now Hampshire Co., WV)

2: Felty nmn Yoakum II , b. 1730 at VA, m. Margaret nmn Zeh, d. 1763; 3 grandchildren

3: Jacob nmn Yoakum, b. 8 May 1730 at Frederick Co., VA (now Hampshire Co., WV), m. Elizabeth nmn Zeh, d. 1780; 8 grandchildren

4: Valentine nmn Yocum, b. 1734 at VA, d. 1767

[My G-G-G-G-G-Grandfather & Grandmother]

5: Mathias M Yoakum Jr., b. 1736 at VA, m. Leah nmn Williams, 22 May 1755; 11 grandchildren

6: Jesse nmn Yoakum, b. 1738 at VA, m. Diane nmn Dixon, 1783

7: Michael nmn Yoakum, b. 1740 at VA, m. Ann nmn Boyles

8: Conrad nmn Yoakum, b. 1742 at Greenbrier Co., VA (now West Virginia), d. at Greenbrier Co., VA (now West Virginia)

9: John nmn Yoakum, b. 1747 at Hampshire Co., WV, m. Mary nmn Downing, 1763, d. 4 September 1839 at Bowling Green, Clay Co., IN; 11 grandchildren

10: William nmn Yoakum, b. 1750, m. a ??? Downing; 1 grandchild

11: Henry nmn Yoakum, b. 1753, m. Mary Sally King, d. 1815

12: George nmn Yoakum, b. 1755 at VA, m. Ezebellar nmn Taylor, 1780 at Botetourt Co., VA, d. 4 September 1839 at Mercer Co., KY; 5 grandchildren

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