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Andreas Lodewich (JDK) Kasselmann

Andreas was born 6 November 1698 at Adelshofen, Deutchland. (Modern day, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany). Later in life, after he moved to Pennsylvania he used the Americanized version "Lewis".

When he was about ten years old his father moved the family from their homeland to escape the religious persecution, wars, and accompaning famine that was sweeping over that part of Europe, an area known as "The Palatine" in what today is Southern Germany. (See Johannes Dietrich story for details).

There was some mention of Andreas as the son of Dietrich recorded in England in 1709, in arrival records at New York and records of the Church at Schoharie, but the first record of note as an adult was recorded in the Albany Common records on 17 January 1716. "One Ande. Lod'k Casselmann was naturalized as a American citizen here".

Andreas Lodewich Casselmann, now called by the name Ludwig and later Lewis, married Margaretha Elisabetha Schafer and they had eight children. Although records are extremely sketchy during this period the following names are listed in the journal of Pastor Sommer of the Schoharie, Albany County, New York, Lutheran church records as being "the children of Andreas Ludwig Casselman". Johannes (see note #1), Joh. Dieterich, Joh. Conrad, Anna (see note #1), Joh. Jacob, Joh. David, Elisabet and Sophia.

Andreas and his oldest son William (Johannes Vilhelm) received land grants from Lord Fairfax of Virginia on 23 August 1749 and sometime in 1750 the family moved to Hampshire County, Virginia. There were additional land grants to the family and they stayed in the area until after the end of the Revolutionary war, and the new nation began it's expansion West.

Old Area Map

About 1786 the families dispersed when Andreas and Mary along with Anreas's son Jacob and his family to Pennsylvania and Lewis with family settled on a farm near Clear Creek in Woodford County Kentucky.

(a short chronology of Andreas life)


6 Nov 1698, baptised at Adelshofen, Germany; sponsors were Andreas Weydknecht-Schultheiss of Adelshofen, Andreas Huger and Ludwig Paulus Sitzler, single.

Andreas, young Palatine:

Andreas Ludwig was aged 10 years when he accompanied his parents to Walworth, England, 27 May 1709, in the second group of Palatine refugees from Holland.

Andreas in America:

Andreas Ludwig, aged 9-15 years, was listed with his parents on Colonial List of Palatines, Winter 1710, at West Camp on the Hudson River.

Holy Communion:

Johann? Ludwig Castelman on 7 Feb 1714, received Holy Communion for the first time at Schoharie, NY, by Pastor Joshua Kocherthal.

Naturalized 17 January 1716 at Albany, Albany Co., NY:

Andreas was one of a large group of German emigrants who were naturalized at Mayors Court in Albany, Albany Co., NY. (As recorded in the Albany Common Council Minutes Book #6, pp 114-116, Albany Hall of Records) "On 17 January 1716, one Ande. Lod'k Casselmann was naturalized as a American citizen here".

Andreas marries:

Andreas Ludwick married (1st) Margretha "Gert" Elisabetha Schafer, c1719, Schoharie Valley, NY; (bapt. 12 Feb 1699, Lutheran Church, Dickschied or Hilgenroth, Germany; sponsors were Johann Phlipp Debes from Hilgenroth and Anna Margaretha Becker; d/o the late Johann Valentin Becker from Hilgenroth and Anna Margaretha Asmus; d/o the late Jacob Asmus). "Gert" Schafer was d/o Gerhard Schafer and his wife, Anna Maria Saurssig.

Land patent issued 1723 at Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., NY

Lodawick Casselman took his share of the Stone Arabia Patent from the undivided part of the land, 9 Oct 1723. On 5 Apr 1742, Lodowick Casselman conveyed part of this undivided land to Hans Jost Snell.

On 1 Sept 1734, Lodewick Cassillman, et al, and Wilhelmus Cassalman, et al. granted to William Van Schelluyne, Lot 57 of 100 acres of woodland and Lots 85 and 87 of 200 acres of woodland north side of Mohawk Riverin Mohax Country, Stone Arabia.

Lodwick Kasselman was one of the Lutheran Church members whose name ap-ears on the quitclaim deed in the legal division of the Glebe (church) Lot between the Lutheran Church property and the Reformed Church property, 27 Mar 1744, Stone Arabia. Lotwick Casselman was listed as dead in the deed of 29 Dec 1770, the new deed the Reformed Church members gave the Lutheran Church members. Lodwick migrated to Virginia about 1744/1745 and did not return to New York. According to the will of Lewis Castleman written 1789, he did not die until 1789.

On 17 Feb 1744/1745, Sir William Johnson wrote to Edward Collins, Esq., Albany, informing him he had purchased 280 acres land from Mr. Lodowick Castleman, Stoneraby for 200 pounds and had paid part of 70 pounds. Land contained a Mill and all belonging thereto and all movables Lodowick did not take with him. Sir Johnson further requested Edward Collins investigate a mortgage of 70 pounds held by Robert Roseboom, Albany, Sir Johnson discovered was held against this property and find out the amount of that sum he was arrested for, together with all the charges thereto that Sir Johnson might settle with him "e're he goes."

Lord Fairfax land grant 1749 at Frederick Co., VA (now Hampshire Co., WV)

Ludwick was living in Frederick Co., Colony of Virginia, 17 Aug 1749, when the Right Honorable Thomas Lord Fairfax, Proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia, granted by patent to Lodwick Castleman, Lot No. 28 of 300 acres and Lot No. 29 of 404 acres, Hampshire Co., Colony of Virginia, on Wappacomo or Great South Branch of Potomac River. Annual rent was one shilling sterling money for each fifty acres of land to be paid to Lord Fairfax.

Served in Colonel Washington's regiment in French & Indian War 1740/50 at VA/PA

Additional land grant 1753 at Winchester, Frederick Co., VA (now Hampshire Co., WV)

On 15 May 1753, Lord Fairfax Granted 1/2 acre lots in the town of Winchester, Frederick Co., VA to Andreas, William and David Castleman. It was through the misspelling of the name on these and prior deeds that Casselmann became Castleman.

Andreas' was deeded by Patent Lot No. 49, of 1/2 acre, to Lodowick/Lewis Castleman, of Frederick Co., located in the town of Winchester, Frederick Co., Colony of Virginia, also Lot No. 48, five acres, (out lot) for common uses. Yearly rent of five shillings sterling for both lots to be paid Lord Fairfax. Building code for Lot 49 depicted no building should be built thereon which was less than 16 feet by twenty feet, with a stone or brick chimney. No building of any sort was to be built upon five-acre Lot 48 on the Common.

Andreas Sells land:

On 12 Mar 1759, Lodwick Castleman of Hampshire Co., in the Colony of Virginia, deeded Lot No. 29 of 404 acres, on the Great South Branch of Potomack, to David Castleman of Frederick Co.,for the sum of seventy pounds, current money of Virginia. Deed was signed by Ludwick Cassellman and witnessed by Joseph Watson and Pet. Steinbergen. The Quit Rents to be due and payable to the Right Honorable Thomas Lord Fairfax.

On 19 July 1759, Lodowick Castleman of Hampshire Co., in the Colony of Virginia, deeded Lot No. 28 on the Great South Branch of Potomac River, containing 300 acres, and also the upper part of Lot No. 29 joining Lot 28, to Jacob Castleman of Frederick Co., Colony of Virginia, for 70 pounds current money of Virginia. On 19 July 1759, Jacob Castleman paid Lodowick Castleman 70 pounds for Lot 28, Indenture Deed of Release. Lodwick Cassellman signed the deed, witnessed by Job Pearsall, Thos. Bull and Charles (his "O" mark) Linzie.

Colonel Washington rents horse & Wagon 17 June 1754 at VA

Records state that Castleman's wagon was to be used and kept near Wills Creek and Redstone by Colonel Washington's Regiment.

On 13 Apr 1757, Lodowick Castleman was paid one pound for horse hire to Pennsylvania, in disbursement of the public money by George Mercer for Account of Col. George Washington. The Regiment also hired horses from both William and Jacob Castleman. source: The papers of George Washington, W.W. Abbot, Hampshire Co., VA and Bedford Co. PA Deed books

Charged with murder 19 November 1757 at Winchester, Frederick Co., VA (now Hampshire Co., WV).

At court held in County of Frederick, Virginia, 19 Nov 1757, Lodowick Castleman of County of Frederick, was committed to gaol in Frederick County, charged with the murder of James Haines, soldier in the Virginia Regiment. James Haines was aged 22 years, 5'4" tall, of Virginia, a tailor by trade, enlisted in Capt. Henry Harrison's Co., May 1757; d. Nov 10. The Court decided that Lodowick Castleman should be tryed for murder at Williamsburgh.

He was to be removed to the publick gaol at Williamsburgh according to the law. (NOTE: All public records at Williamsburgh were burned by the British in War of 1812, so these records are not extant. Lodowick must have been exonerated as he sold land in 1761 in Virginia and moved to Pennsylvania that year, according to deeds).

One of the witnesses was Joseph Hancock, second husband of Andreas second wife Mary Bush/Wallace/Hancock/Kasselmann.

2nd Marriage:

Andreas Ludwig married (2nd) Mary Bush Wallace Hancock prior 10 June 1761; (d. aged 108 years, a widow). 1790 Census Bedford Co.,PA, Mary Castleman was living alone. Mary Bush married (1st) ____ Wallace, by whom she had four children. He was killed by the Indians. She married (2nd) Joseph Hancock, who was, also, killed by the Indians. They had one son - Joseph Hancock, Jr., b. 21 July 1758. Ludwick "Lewis" was Mary Bush's (3rd) husband.

Moved to Bedford, Cumberland Co., PA 1761

In 1761, Andreas with his son Dietrick and his second wife Mary Bush/Wallace/Hancock; twice widowed with five children settled upon and improved a certain plantation or tract of land containing 300 acres on Dunning's Creek about four miles from Bedford Twp., Pennsylvania.

On 10 July 1761, Lodowick Castleman and Mary his wife of Hampshire Co., Colony of Virginia, signed Indenture Deed of Release to Robert Craigen of Frederick Co., Colony of Virginia, selling Lot No. 49 of the 1/3 acre in Winchester and Lot No. 48, five-acre out-lot, for the sum of seventy pounds. These lots were granted by Patent to Lodowick Castleman from Lord Fairfax, 15 May 1753. Lodowick signed his name and Mary Castleman made her "W" mark, witnessed by Gabriel Jones, Cuthbert Bullitt and Jay Keith.

25 July 1763, George Croghan. Esquire, of County of Bedford, Pennsylvania, wrote an instrument allowing under the Rents Clauses and Conditions that Lewis Castleman be entitled to three lots in Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., Pennsylvania: Lot No. 11, 60 feet wide and 230 feet deep on Broad Street, between Fort Bedford and Bedford Bridge; Lot No. 12, 60 feet wide, 230 feet deep, adjoining Lot No.11; Lot No. 13, 60 feet wide, 230 feet deep, adjoining Lot No. 12.

On 17 June 1767, Lewis entered an application at the land office of Pennsylvania for title of this land. (Part of this land was in Cumberland County (now Bedford Co.). On 17 June 1767 (the same day) an Order of Survey was issued for surveying the said quantity of three hundred acres of land to the said Lewis Castleman. Survey No. 3881.

On 10 May 1769, Lewis Castleman, Yeoman, of Cumberland Co., Province of Pennsylvania, quit claimed to George Woods of Bedford, Pennsylvania, a tract of land on south side of Dunning's Creek, with all improvements, including a house of 20 by 18 feet of one and one-half stories, a small field cleared and fenced, and tilled meadow cleared and sowed with timothy. The said improvements were made in the Years 1761 & 1762. George Woods paid twenty pounds for land. Quitclaim deed signed by Lodwick Cassellman, witnessed by John Miller and Andrew Steel.

On 29 Nov 1777, Lewis Castleman and Mary his wife of Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., Pennsylvania, deeded the 300 acres acres on Dunning's Creek to George Woods and Thomas Smith of Bedford, Bedford Co., Pennsylvania, for 300 pounds, lawful money of Pennsylvania. Indenture Deed was signed by Lodwick Cassellman and Mary Castleman made her "O" mark on deed, witnessed by Tho. Menzies and John Jones.

On 27 July 1781, Lewis Castleman, Yeoman, Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., Pennsylvania, deeded Lots No. 11, 12, 13, Bedford, Pennsylvania to Thomas Anderson, innkeeper, Bedford, Bedford Co., Pennsylvania, with buildings, improvements, hereditments and appurtenances, for fifteen pounds, plus ground or quit rent due to the chief Lords or Lord of the fee, according to Rents, Clauses and Conditions Instrument. Lodwick Cassellman signed his name to the deed, witnessed by Bernard Dougherty and Geo. Woods, Jr.

Bedford Co., PA, Tax Rates, 1768. Lewis Castleman owned 2 horses, 4 cows, 300 unwarranted acres and 30 cleared acres land.

Bedford Co., PA, Tax Rates, 1769. Lewis Castleman owned 4 horses, 3 cows, 200 warranted acres and 30 acres cleared land.

Bedford Co., PA, Tax Rates, 1770, Lewis Castleman owned 2 horses, 2 cows, 150 located acres and 20 cleared acres land.

Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA, Taxables, 1772. Lewis Castleman owned 488 acres land, 50 acres improved; 2 horses and 1 cow.

Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA, Provincial Tax, 1773. Lewis Castleman. Amount of Tax --- four pounds.

Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA, Provincial Tax, 1774. Lewis Castleman. Amount of Tax --- three pounds, two shillings.

Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA, Supply Tax, 1783. Lewis Castleman owned 300 acres, 2 horses, 1 cattle. Tax --- one pound, five shillings.

Bedford Twp., Bedford Co., PA, Census 1784. Lewis Castleman owned 0 acres, 1 dwelling house, 9 whites living in house.

Last will & testament 30 January 1789 at Bedford, Cumberland Co., PA

Ludwig now called Lewis Castleman of Bedford Twp., PA, wrote his will 30 Jan 1789, making his mark, witnessed by Michael Smythe, James Taylor and John Chrisman. He willed his 400 acres land, horses and all other animals and all other property movable or unmovable to his wife Mary. This will was probated in Bedford Co. Court, PA, 5 Sept 1789.

1790 Census, Bedford Co., Pennsylvania, Mary Castleman, free white female, living alone.

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