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Greenfield Cemetery

Hempstead, Long Island NY

Revision 11/1/2011

Greenfield Cemetery is located at 650 Nassau Road, Hempstead 11150, Uniondale, NY. This cemetery is the major burial site in the area. The cemetery is huge and contains about 230 Abrams burials. For some time I wanted to record these burial, however, I am located 2500 miles away. I was very happy when Diane McGrath volunteered to visit the cemetery and obtain data. She was able to secure infomation on all Abrams burials. I would like to thank Diane for all her work and taking the time to mail the information to me.

Diane did take a few photo's of some graves of my immediate family. In the database I will have hot spots which show the grave stones of my parents and grandparents.

The data source can be downloaded in ASCII comma delimited format for import into many software application by clicking[HERE].

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