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William Eardeley Notes on the

Abrams Family of Long Island NY

My early attempts to record the family history of the Abrams Family was started by my grandfather in the early 1920 and continued till he died in 1945. He left a pile of unorganized notes and photo's which I obtained when my father died in 1967. From this data I documented what I could. I started searching the Web and located many documents and GEDCOM files which I downloaded. In my earlier Web page I placed much of this data on the Internet. Much of it was in error and all over the map. As I became more organized I decided look harder and in November of 1999 I located the Eardeley Papers. These paper opened a new aspect to my work and there are as follows.

On 11/17/99 I obtained a copy of the Eardeley Notes on the family history of the NY Abrams family. I'd like to thank Dan Stage of Granada Hills, CA for providing them. They are probably the biggest find to date and contain more data than I thought existed. These records are not in great shape. They are all hand written notes and many are difficult or impossible to read. I have made some spot checks on my current GED file and found many are consistent, but others disagree. As of 1/2/2000 I have entered all 746 pages. I feel many names are duplicates and have more work to analyze and screen the data. I plan to continue to analyze the names and make corrections where appropriate. Feel free to use the Gedcom File provide on this page. Things may change as I find inconsistencies and make corrections. The following text describes where these notes originated.

In 1999 and 2000 many flaws in my initial translatation were discovered. After much work I placed this work on the Web page (11/1/2001).

Clay Abrams

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Clayton W. Abrams
1228 Secret Lake Loop
Lincoln, CA

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You can obtain a copy of the original Eardeley work in handwritten form.

Family History Library Catalog 06 Oct 1999 Page I

**Full Display**


Eardeley, William A. D. (William Applebie Daniel).


Manuscripts and notes of William A. Eardeley / arranged and indexed by Helen C. Johnson.


(Brooklyn : Long Island Historical Society, 1960?).


14 microfilm reels ; 16 mm.


Microreproduction of original records at the Long Island Historical Society, Brooklyn.

Comprises a complete copy of the manuscripts left by the late William Appleby of Brooklyn, New York to the Long Island Historical Society. Most of these papers were prepared by Mr. Eardeley before 1914, but several genealogies were compiled with the assistance of Mr. Arthur S. Wardwell, his friend and fellow genealogists, during the last few years of Mr. Eardeley's life. The genealogies are arranged by families with full reference to all the research M. Eardeley did. The families are predominantly from the East but there are also some Southern genealogies. They cover the period from the earliest settlements of the country to the early part of the twentieth century.


Includes index.



Abrams - Cowles---------------------------------------------0416880

Cole - Flewelling-------------------------------------------0416881

Flower Hoyt ------------------------------------------------ 0416882

Hubbard Loines -------------------------------------------- 0416883

Longbotham (Longbottom) - Post ------------------------------ 0416884

Powell - Shaw ----------------------------------------------- 0416885

Sheffield - Stillwell ---------------------------------------- 0416886

Stites - Weatherwax ----------------------------------------- 0416887

Weed - Youngs ----------------------------------------------- 0416888

Abrams - Barnum ---------------------------------------------- 0416889

Beebe - Duel ------------------------------------------------ 0416890

Decker - Holly----------------------------------------------0416891

Hopkins - Miller--------------------------------------------0416892

Mills - Verplank--------------------------------------------0416893


1. United States - Genealogy

2. New York - Genealogy

I. Wardwell, Arthur S


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