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Revision 4/15/2002


This page was created to allow the download of files on this site. All of the files are in WinZip format compressed form. You can obtain WinZip at the following location [here]:

Abrams/Doty/Davison and many other Family Files - This data file is in a uncompressed GEDCOM format and contains basic research from Abrams family records by Clay Abrams. The Denton and Seaman GEDCOM files were obtained from Sue Montgomery's Web Page at the Denton Family.

Davison Family File - This is a GEDOM Zipped file created by Doris Irene Buckley Haskell. This is a huge file with over 6000 names in over 2000 families. Doris Emailed this version to me. For more information contact Doris directly at Email. Please contact her directly.

1403 Palisades Way
Rock Springs, WY 82901-7325
(307) 362-3904

Eardeley Notes data file - This is a GEDOM Zipped file created by Barbara Abrams (2001) for earlier work of Clay Abrams (2000). Read more about this work at [here].

Rockville Cemetery Records - This is the database for the cemetery records in a WinZip format. Two formats are provided, ASCII comma delimited text and DBF format. These formats can be read by numerous programs, which include MS Access, Lotus Approach and Lotus 123 Spread Sheets and others. The ASCII file cam be Imported directly and the DBF file can be read directly and modified.

Greenfield Cemetery Records - This database is of the cemetery records in WinZip format. A ASCII delimited file is provided. This file can be imported to many software programs like MSAccess, MSExcel, 123, Lotus Approach etc.