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Benefits of DNA Testing


* Have you hit a brick wall?
* Can't find any documents for that elusive ancestor?
* Can't find your ancestor's homeland?
* Wondering if you are related to another family with the same surname?

Genealogy by genetics is the greatest addition to Genealogy since the creation of the Family Tree!

The value of DNA testing is our ability to help find "Genetic Cousins ™" by comparing the results of as few as two people.

Males are able to see if another male is a descendant from their direct paternal line. Our 12 marker Y-DNA test has become the world standard. Our 37-marker test yields the world's tightest parameters to the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA). You may order the 12 marker test and return to "refine" your test at a later time without the need to re-submit another DNA sample!

Women can determine which Haplogroup they are part of based upon the descent through their maternal line. Reports are compared to the Cambridge Reference Sequence, which show your deviation from this industry standard. We identify the lettered Haplogroup that your mtDNA is assigned to by the scientific community.

The Abrams DNA Research Project

I have discovered a number of Abrams Sur names in various area of the US. Many of these grouping seem un-related. However, the only way I know of connecting these name is by DNA research. If you would like to join this research project . I have created a project for Abrams Family Research with Family Tree DNA.

This company will collect your DNA sample and compare with all names in their database. Currently (May 2004) they have over 21,000 names in their database. About 10 of these names are Abrams. By creating a special family group project we can obtain a rate of $99 for a 12 marker DNA sample. Once your DNA is collected it will remain in storage for over 20 years. Visit our project Web Page for more information on the status of sample collected. On this project page is a form which you can fill out to obtain a DNA kit to collect your sample.