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Rockville Cemetery
PlotLastFirstBirth DateDeath DateComment
472RhameAnthony H.L.(1797)28 June 1857Footstone A.H.L.R.60
473RhameWalter A.(16 July 1848)1 Oct 1855son of Samuel S. & Charlotte Rhame5.2.16
474RhameJohn(9 Jan 1858)20 Jan 1866son of Samuel & Charlotte Rhame Footst. J.B.8.0.11
475RhameMary(4 Sept 1856)4 Mar 1862dau of Samuel S. & Charlotte Rhame Footst. MR5.6.0
476RhameSamuel S.25 Mar 182015 Feb 1896Footstone Samuel
476RhameCharlotte9 Jan 18245 Oct 1889wife of Samuel S. Rhame Footstone Charlotte
477LangdonSilvanus(20 Mar 1802)10 May 185656.1.20
478LangdonPhebe(24 Dec 1802)9 Mar 1848wife of Silvanus Langdon45.2.15
479LangdonWilliam(1776)25 Jan 187185
480LangdonStephen(2 Mar 1803)31 Aug 187570.5.29
481LangdonHannah(20 Mar 1806)5 Apr 1859wife of Stephen Langdon53.0.16
482LangdonJane(1779)28 Oct 1857widow of Ananias Langdon78
483LangdonAnanias(31 Jan 1773)22 Aug 185178.6.22
484HolmesMartha(19 Sept 1810)19 Aug 187564.11.0
485JohnsonJeremiah(1826)14 Apr. 186540
486JohnsonLewis E.18571920
488TerrellEster19 Apr 188924 Oct 1918wife os Alfred C. Weidmann
489JohnsonAugustia( 15 Jan 1855)footstone A.J.
490SmithCharles U.(29 Oct 1848)2 Jan 1850son of John & Palmyra footstone C.U.S.1.2.4
491CombsNo Name(9 Jan 1853)19 Jan 1853onfant son of Lewis & Mary Combs0.0.10
492CombsLewis19 Dec 182110 Apr 1904footstone Father
492CombsMary22 Sept 182220 Nov 1901wife of Lewis Combs - Footstone Mother
492CombsMary A.29 Aug 186424 Feb 1919footstone M.A.C.
493BrowerEllen(1796)5 June 1860wife of John Brower64
494MurrayBenjamin F.18481917Footstone Father
494MurrayMaria L.18481922footstome Mother
494MurrayLaura18691887footstone Laura
494MurrayBennie18721881footstone Bennie
495BondLawrence(1775)6 Mar 185885
496MurrayCornelius(17 May 1858)5 Aug 1858son of James & Harriet Murray20.2.17
497MurrayMcCollick Jane(17 Sept 1851)6 Nov a857
498MurrayLawrence(16 Aug 1827)16 Feb 1845son of James & Harriet Murray17.6.0
499MurrayHarriet(3 Feb 1806)28 Aug 1863wife of James Murray footstone H.M.57.6.25
500MurrayJames H.(25 Feb 1854)21 Sept 187725.6.27
501MurrayEllen(1823)1 Nov 1884wife of James H. Murray61
502MurrayJames F.20 Sept 182415 Oct 1856footstone J.F.M.
502MurrayHester A.3 Aug 183121 Sept 1894footstone H.A.M.
502MurrayMatilda A.20 Apr 18479 Aug 1850footstone M.A.M.
502SmithAda M. (urray)27 Jan 185530 Jan 1885footstone a.m.s.
502AbramsJavis N.18338 Mar 1908footstone J.N.A.
503CarmanSarah Ann(31 Apr 1826)15 Nov 1851dau of John B. & Abigail Carman footstone SAC25.6.15
504CarmanJohn B.(21 Sept 1789)11 Mar 1879footstone J.B.C.89.5.10
505CarmanAbigail(18 Aug 1795)22 Mar 1875wife of John B. Carman Footstone A.C.81.7.4
506CarmanJohn B.(5 Dec 1830)26 Sept 1852son of John B. & Abigail Carman Footstone JBC21..9.21
507PearsallSarah A.(2 May 1817)30 Nov 1892wife of Peter Pearsall, see plot 50875.6.28
508PearsallPeter(26 Mar 1816)10 Apr 185034.0.15
509PearsallOliverNo DataNo Dataa baby
510PearsallLucinceNo DataNo Dataa baby
511PearsallAnthony(24 Mar 1825)4 July 185934.3.10
512PearsallTredwell(26 Feb 1817)30 May 186566.3.4
513LangdonJulia Ann(4 Dec 1836)28 Jan 1862wife of Joseph B. Langdon23.1.24
514LangdonJulia Ann(25 Jan 1862)19 July 1864dau of Joseph B & Julia A. Langdon2.5.24
515PearsallOliver D.14 Oct 180518 June 1870
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