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Surname User Guide

To Check Surnames Indexed?

The lower frame allows you to select the first letter of the surname in which you are interested in. The left frame will then display a list of surnames beginning with the chosen letter of the alphabet. This table lists each Surname and the number of occurrences of that surname in the database.

If you find an entry listing for the Surname in which you are interested, then select that surname.

Check for Details of a given Surname in the above index?

By Selecting (clicking on) that surname will produce a table listing each individule interred in the Abney Park Cemetery with that surname. This tells you if any members of a your family group of interest may be present.

Each line in the table will contain the following six fields.

  1. The Surname and either the Forenames or Initials.

    This contains only initials where we indexed from the register indexes. We later check with the detailed registers and put the full forenames at the same time as we add the ages and grave site information. (It all takes time - getting Surnames finished is our first priority).

  2. The Date of the Burial.

    This contains the date of entry in the burial register. If the day is 00 then the month and year refer to the first entry in that register as the actual dates have not been entered yet. The real date will be later by up to a couple of years.

  3. The Age of the person.

    This contains 2 numerics and an optional character, or a non numeric entry indicate the following:-

    • "00" = Not yet entered in the data from the register.
    • "--" = Not used or specified in the Burial Register.
    • "st" = Stillborn.
    • "sb" = Stillborn.
    • "nb" = Newborn.
    • "n/a" = Not indexed (transcribed) yet. Its coming at about 300 a day.

    The letter folling the two numerics indicate the following:-

    • "c" = Centuary over 100 years old by years given.
    • " " = Years
    • "y" = Years
    • "m" = Months
    • "d" = Days
    • "h" = Hours
    • "n" = Minutes
    • "s" = Seconds
  4. A burial reference number.

    This is the number in the burial register for numbers from 1 to 113828. For numbers above 113828 (113829 through 195217) they are the burials numbers in the registers marked as R/N 3829 to R/N 85217. (That is R/N nn = 110000 + nn) So to convert add 110000 inplace of R/N or subtract 110000 and write R/N in front of the number. (This may be just R in some of out listings)

  5. The section in the Cemetery where the grave is located.
  6. Identification of the source register index in which this entry is found.

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