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bullet Charles ABERNATHY Parents: John P. ABERNATHY and Jane RANKIN.

bullet Charles ABERNATHY(1) (2) died UNKNOWN. Parents: Charles ABERNATHY and Elizabeth DAVENPORT.

bullet Charles ABERNATHY was born about 1722 in VA. Family connection uncertain. Might have been from Scotland.

He was married to Alice ELLIS . Children were: William ABERNATHY.

bullet Charles ABERNATHY was born in abt 1722, VA (?) or, Scotland (?). He has reference number 196.

He was married to Ellis_(Alice) (ABERNATHY) in , , Scotland. Children were: Daughter_#1 ABERNATHY , Daughter_#2 ABERNATHY, Peter ABERNATHY, Laban ABERNATHY, FREEMAN ABERNATHY, William ABERNATHY.

bullet Charles ABERNATHY was born in 1858. Parents: Columbus Washington ABERNATHY and Mary Ann KISTLER.

bulletCharles ABERNATHY(1) (2) was born in 1750 in VA. He died in 1796 in VA. )
Born reared and died in Va.
Elizabeth Harwell was a sister
to Tabitha - Fredrick's wife.
His 2nd marriage was to Liz.
Davenport in 1786. S6P3&8 Parents: John ABERNETHY and Lucy HARWELL.

He was married to Elizabeth HARWELL. Children were: Alan ABERNATHY , Rebecca ABERNATHY.

He was married to Elizabeth DAVENPORT on 14 Oct 1787 in Brunswick Co, VA. Children were: Jane ABERNATHY, Charles ABERNATHY, Martha ABERNATHY, Lucy ABERNATHY, Elizabeth ABERNATHY, Daniel ABERNATHY.

bullet Charles A. ABERNATHY was born in 1845. Parents: Eli ABERNATHY and Mary HEAVNER.

bullet Charles A. ABERNATHY was born in 1852. Parents: Benjamin Franklin ABERNATHY and Harriet PERRY.

He was married to Miss SELLERS.

bullet Charles Albert ABERNATHY was born on 6 Apr 1883. He died on 30 Jul 1947. 1883 -30 Jul 1947) of Hickory
Grove North Carolina. He and
wife are buried at Hickory
S20 Parents: James Venson ABERNATHY and Alice BALDWIN.

He was married to Daisy May JOY on 4 Apr 1908 in Gaston Co., NC. Married in Home of William Joy Children were: Beatrice Lillian ABERNATHY, Marjorie Lois ABERNATHY, Thomas William ABERNATHY , Mildred Rebecca ABERNATHY, Albert Gray "Bill" ABERNATHY, Dorothy Ray ABERNATHY, Margaret Joy ROBINSON, Boyce Edward ABERNATHY, Bonnie Louise ABERNATHY , Fred Robert ABERNATHY.

Children were: George Ryan LEE.

bulletDr. Charles Alfred ABERNATHY was born on 1 Apr 1853. He died in 1928. He was buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Giles County, TN. He is/was Doctor. 1855 - 1928) of Pulaski Tenn.
Was one of Pulaski's leading
Physicians for many years.
He is buried Maplewood Cemetery
in Giles Co. Tn. S6P28 Parents: Col. Alfred Harris ABERNATHY and Elizabeth Todd BUTLER.

He was married to Ella EZELL. Children were: Shields ABERNATHY , Fred ABERNATHY.

bullet Charles Brian ABERNATHY (Private). Parents: Charles Cutts ABERNATHY and Anna Marguerite TAYLOR.

He was married to Deborah Dianne LOGAN on 1 Mar 1975 in Decatur, GA. Children were: Ashley Noelle ABERNATHY, Miranda Nichole ABERNATHY.

bullet Charles Clayton ABERNATHY Parents: Alan ABERNATHY and Susannah ABERNATHY.

bullet Charles Clayton ABERNATHY (Private). Parents: Coatsworth Pickney ABERNATHY and Rosa Jane RHYNE.

He was married to Margaret COSTNER on 25 Dec 1945.

bullet Charles Clayton ABERNATHY Parents: John ABERNATHY and Catherine TARPLEY.

bullet Dr Charles Clayton ABERNATHY Jr was born in 1827. He died in 1903. He is/was Surgeon for Confederacy. 1903) Univ. of Penn. class of
1851. Was Surgeon for Confeder-
acy. Practiced in Pulaski Aft'
S6P28&29 Parents: Charles CLAYTON ABERNATHY and Susannah Waddy HARRIS .

He was married to Martha J. STOCKARD in 1851 in Maury Co, TN. Children were: Mary G. ABERNATHY, Charley ABERNATHY, Elizabeth Lee ABERNATHY.

bulletCharles CLAYTON ABERNATHY was born on 27 Jul 1790 in Brunswick County, VA. He died on 2 Jan 1877 in Pulaski, TN. He is/was Circuit Clerk 1836 - 1860. He was buried in William Abernathy Cemetery, Pulaski, TN. Va - 1877 Giles Co. Tn.)
Entered Cumberland College 1808
& moved to Giles 1810. Joined
army 1813. Was Circuit Clerk
1836-60. S6P27 Parents: William ABERNATHY and Elizabeth CLAYTON.

He was married to Susannah Waddy HARRIS on 15 Jun 1815. Children were: Elizabeth Clayton ABERNATHY, Mary Ann ABERNATHY , Gilbert Taylor ABERNATHY, Col. Alfred Harris ABERNATHY, Dr Charles Clayton ABERNATHY Jr, William Alan ABERNATHY, Andrew Jackson ABERNATHY, John Soward ABERNATHY , Ida ABERNATHY.

He was married to Elizabeth Hamilton DICKSON on 16 Jul 1848. Children were: James Polk ABERNATHY, Robert Dickson ABERNATHY .

bullet Charles Cutts ABERNATHY (Private). Parents: Luther H ABERNATHY and Elizabeth Ann HAMLIN.

He was married to Anna Marguerite TAYLOR on 20 Jun 1948 in Epworth GA. Children were: Charles Brian ABERNATHY, David Allan ABERNATHY, James Edward ABERNATHY.

bullet Charles E. ABERNATHY was born in 1850 in Fayette Co. Parents: M. C. ABERNATHY and Mary ABERNATHY.

bullet Charles Galloway ABERNATHY (Private). Parents: John Seymour ABERNATHY and Ruth Ann SHEPHERD.

bullet Charles H. ABERNATHY ) Va.
living Robertson Co. Tn. 1850
per census. C. H. Abernathy
is listed as a Confederate
soldier Pvt. F Co. 21st Cav.

bullet Charles H. ABERNATHY was born in 1828 in TN. Parents: John F. ABERNATHY and Elizabeth D..

bullet Charles Henry ABERNATHY (Private). Parents: Jerry Logan ABERNATHY and Illa LINEBERGER.

bulletCharles Hubert ABERNATHY was born on 3 Oct 1891. He died on 20 Oct 1978 in South Hill, VA. He was described as Age: 87. Parents: Charles Pickett ABERNATHY and Susan Elizabeth ABERNATHY .

He was married to Jane Heartwell FLESHOOD on 20 Feb 1913 in Dolphin, VA. Children were: Estella Loreen ABERNATHY, Harry Wilson ABERNATHY, Ashby Heartwell ABERNATHY, Edith Roberta ABERNATHY , Rachel Olivia ABERNATHY, Alwyn Grey ABERNATHY, Susie Lee ABERNATHY, Hubert Cloud ABERNATHY, Francis Earl ABERNATHY .

bullet Charles M ABERNATHY (Private). Parents: Sidney Jones ABERNATHY and Fannie Mason MICHAEL.

bullet Charles Michael ABERNATHY (Private). Parents: Charles William ABERNATHY and Virginia BRANDON.

He was married to Linda Lee LANE. Children were: Michael Brandon ABERNATHY, Victoria Melody ABERNATHY .

bullet Charles Oscar ABERNATHY was born on 20 Apr 1884 in Eastland, Eastland County, Texas. He died on 2 Nov 1969 in Altus, Jackson County, Oklahoma. Parents: Daniel Marion ABERNATHY and Mary Elizabeth RHODES .

He was married to Lillie Leola ROGERS on 16 Aug 1906. Children were: Lillie Mae ABERNATHY, Velma ABERNATHY, George Raymond ABERNATHY, Daniel Marion ABERNATHY, Freda ABERNATHY, Mildred ABERNATHY, Charles Oscar Abernathy JR. , Roger Lee ABERNATHY.

bullet Charles Pickett ABERNATHY was born on 28 Oct 1866 in Brunswick Co., VA. He died on 4 Nov 1930 in Dolphin, VA. He was described as Age: 64. Parents: Edward Randolph ABERNATHY and Lucy Frances DELBRIDGE .

He was married to Susan Elizabeth ABERNATHY on 21 Nov 1888 in Bruswick Co., VA. Children were: Fannie M ABERNATHY, Charles Hubert ABERNATHY, Mary Blanche ABERNATHY, Minnie Gray ABERNATHY , Robert Buckner ABERNATHY, Shelton Robins ABERNATHY, Ella ABERNATHY, Ashby ABERNATHY.

bullet Charles Pickney ABERNATHY Killed in VA while a soldier with the confederacy Parents: William ABERNATHY III.

bullet Charles W. ABERNATHY Parents: James Dr. ABERNATHY and Mary C. ABERNATHY.

bullet Charles W. ABERNATHY was born in 1858. Parents: Charles ABERNATHY and Caroline ABERNATHY.

bullet Charles William ABERNATHY (Private). Parents: Walter Hayes (Sr) ABERNATHY and Virginia Bell CROSS.

He was married to Virginia BRANDON on 23 Apr 1945 in Lee County, Mississippi. Children were: Charles Michael ABERNATHY, Richard Lee ABERNATHY.

bullet Charley ABERNATHY was born on 7 Oct 1856. He died on 13 Nov 1856. He was buried in William Abernathy Cemetery, Pulaski, TN. Parents: Dr Charles Clayton ABERNATHY Jr and Martha J. STOCKARD .

bullet Charlie ABERNATHY (Private). Parents: Thomas J. ABERNATHY and Ella MUNDY.

bullet Charlie P. ABERNATHY was born about 1868 in Chambers CO., Alabama. Parents: Samuel Joseph Stewart ABERNATHY and Ladora Aletha GILBERT.

bullet Charlotte ABERNATHY was born in 1790.

She was married to Miles B. ABERNETHY. Children were: Catherine ABERNATHY , Jane ABERNATHY, Marvin C. ABERNATHY, Columbus Washington ABERNATHY, Janette ABERNATHY, John N. Lieut. ABERNATHY, Lockey ABERNATHY, Susan ABERNATHY, Elizabeth ABERNATHY, Nancy ABERNATHY.

bullet Charlotte ABERNATHY Parents: Carl O ABERNATHY and Doris QUINTRELL.

bullet Cherly Ann ABERNATHY (Private). Parents: Donald Elmore ABERNATHY and Shirley Ann PARRISH.

bulletCherrie L ABERNATHY. Parents: Louis Hopkins ABERNATHY and Vern GAMMON.

bulletChesley ABERNATHY was born in 1849 in Rankin Co., Mississippi. Parents: Manuel C. ABERNATHY and Nancy M. SMITH.

bullet Chesley James ABERNATHY was born about 1789 in Newberry Co., South Carolina. He died in Aug 1859 in Rankin Co., Mississippi. According to Helen Fondren a Chesley Abernathy died in 1859 at age 70 from dropsy in Rankin Co., Ms. in 1860 Mortality Schedule. Parents: John ABERNATHY and Rhoda DAVIS.

He was married to Mary COLLIER . Children were: Rachiel ABERNATHY, ? ABERNATHY, ? ABERNATHY, Manuel C. ABERNATHY.

bullet Chris ABERNATHY was born in Oct 1885. He died between 1900 and 1909. He shows on the 1900 census, but not on the 1910 census. Parents: Thomas J. ABERNATHY and Ella MUNDY.

bullet Chris Alexander ABERNATHY Parents: William Crawford ABERNATHY .

bullet Christian Marcus ABERNATHY was born on 23 Dec 1827. He died on 29 Mar 1881. He was buried in James Abernathy Family Cemetery, Gaston County, NC. His grave marker reads: C.M. Abernathy Know as:"Mark"

Marcus (23 Dec 1827 - 29 Mar
1881) of NC. He was a farmer.
He fought in Civil War. He is
buried in Abernathy Cemetery Parents: James ABERNETHY and Fanny CLODFELTER.

He was married to Hetty GOODSON on 2 Nov 1851. Children were: Cornelius ABERNATHY, Jerry F. ABERNATHY, Alice R. ABERNATHY, William Hollie ABERNATHY.

bullet Christina ABERNATHY Parents: Forney ABERNATHY and Rebecca MILLS.

bullet Christopher James ABERNATHY (Private). Parents: James Walter ABERNATHY and Catherine Ann THOMPSON.

bullet Christopher Lee ABERNATHY (Private). Parents: UNKNOWN and Jo Lee ABERNATHY.

bullet Clara ABERNATHY (Private). Parents: Columbus ABERNATHY and Elizabeth FITZGIBBON.

bullet Clara ABERNATHY

She was married to James Arthur ABERNATHY .

bullet Clara ABERNATHY Parents: William Allison ABERNATHY and Nancy BABER.

bullet Clara ABERNATHY was born in 1876 in Burke County, North Carolina. While looking at Nell Abernathy's account of the family, there is no Clara listed as a child of Columbus Abernathy, but when looking at the obituary of William Allison, there is a sister listed as Clara Cook. I find her in the 1880 census under C. W. Abernathy's children. Parents: Columbus Washington ABERNATHY and Mary Ann KISTLER.

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