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Say the Dates...

Ida akw˘bagim˘mekil

akw˘bagim˘mek   the date; marking the succession

akw˘bakka   the date last year

nikw˘bakka   this date last year

akw˘bigandenek   the date this year

akw˘bipamkisgak   the date today

akw˘bisandak   the date of the week

wl˘gwa'i akw˘bagim˘mek   yesterday's date

saba'i akw˘bagim˘mek   tomorrow's date

kagwi akw˘bipamkisgak   what is the date today

kagwi saba'i akw˘bagim˘mek   what is tomorrow's date

kagwi wl˘gwa'i alagimgwak   what was yesterday's date

kagwi kisokw pamkisgak   what day is it today

kagwi alagimgwak wl˘gwak   what date was it yesterday

kagwi akw˘bagim˘mek   what is the date

kagwi akw˘bagim˘mek kd'an˘baib   what date were you born

nd'aln˘bai akw˘bagim˘mek   my birth date is

kagwi alagimgwak kisokw asma wl˘gwak   what was the date the day before yesterday

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