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"The Abenaki Language"

Say the parts of the months

Ida pagaiyawal kisosal

Parts of the Months

kisos   month

kisosal   months

pilikisos   a new month

alikisosek   the month is

pamkisosek   this month

likisos     it is a month

majikisos   a bad month

majigen kisos     it is a bad month

majigenol kisosal     these are bad months

wlikisos     a good month

wligen kisos     it is a good month

wligenol kisosal   these are good months

negwedjikisosiwi    during every month

kwanikisosek     the month long

˘zahagikisos     a difficult month

˘zahagigen kisos     it is a difficult month

˘zhagigenol kisosal     these are difficult months

k˘kasikisoswaiwi     for many months

wakasikisos     a few months

wakasikisosiwi     in a few months

kasikisos     many months

pagaiya kisos... a part of the month

pagaiyawigen kisos     it is a part of the month

pagaiyawigenol kisosal     these are parts of the months

pasan˘kisos     a full month

pabas˘kisos     half of the month

pabasiwigen kisos     it is half of a month

naoji kisos     some of the month

naojiwigenol kisosal     these are some of the months

mziwikisos     all month

mziwigen kisos     it is all month

nan˘wikisos     middle of the month

nan˘wigen kisos     it is the middle of the month

machiwikisos     end of the month

machiwigen kisos     it is the end of the month

matagim˘n     the month is ended

matanaskiwigen kisos     it is the end of the month

wanaskiwikisos     at the end of the month

wanaskiwigen kisos     it is at the end of the month

m˘jakisos     beginning of the month

m˘jawigen kisos     it is the beginning of the month

m˘jakisosiwi     at the beginning of the month

nakwaltak kisosek     it is next month

nosokak kisosek     it is the following month

kizi pamkisosek     after this month

asma pamkisosek    before this month

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