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"The Abenaki Language"

Say the months of the year.

Ida kisosal gadenek.


January           Alamikos    the Greetings Maker Moon

February         Pia˘dagos    the Makes Branches Fall In Pieces Moon

March              Mozokas    the Moose Hunter Moon

April                Sogalikas    the Sugar Maker Moon

May                 Kikas    the Field Maker Moon

June               Nokahigas    the Hoer Moon

July                Temaskikos    the Grass Cutter Moon

August           Temez˘was    the Cutter Moon - refers to harvesting

September    Skamonkas    the Corn Maker Moon

October        Penibagos    the Leaf Falling Moon

November    Mzatanos    the Freezing River maker Moon

December    Pebonkas    the Winter Maker Moon

Thirteenth    Sigwankas    the Spring Season Maker Moon

                     (It's place is between the month of March and April.)

There are 12 months...

There are twelve months in a year and thirteen moons on Turtle Island.

Adoji nis˘nkaw kisosal gadenwaiwi ta ns˘nkaw

nahinib˘ssajik wskijiwi T˘lbak Menahanek.

Word by word...

Adoji nis˘nkaw kisosal gadenwaiwi ta ns˘nkaw 

nahinib˘ssajik wskijiwi T˘lbak Menahanek. 

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