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The following was taken, copied into a typed form by myself, Amanda Hester Baltz to put on the internet, from a photocopy of Buchanan Genealogy poster. (obtained from my grandmother, Betty Isom Hester. I believe my g. grandfather may have received this in the mail as part of the Buchanan Estate Scam back in the 1930's but uncertain. We are however not related to these people and I don't know the validity of the information here.)

Fargallus 156 Monarch of All Ireland

Conchobar oldest son of Fargallus 193 A.D.

Gruagan grandson of Fargallus 226 A.D.

Dungan son of Gruagan 264 A.D.

Cathan grandson of Dungan 314 A.D.

Cathude or O Cathan or O Kyan Rule Began 947A.D.

Dermod O'Kyan Provincial King of Southern Ulster 970 A. D.

Anselan Buey O'Kyan 10th Laird of Buchanan 998A.D.

John 2nd Laird of Buchanan Rule Began 1036 A.D.

Anselan 3rd Laird of Buchanan Rule Began 1068 A.D.

Walter 4th Laird of Buchanan Rule Began 1099 A.D.

Girald 5th Laird of Buchanan Rule Began 1147 A.D.

Macbeth 6th Laird of Buchanan Rule Began 1186 A.D.

Anselan 7th Laird of Buchanan 1225 (sgt.Clorinceh ????)

Robert Bruce b.1274 d. 1/1329 married Elizabeth Donald (Daughter of Earl of Mo(a?)r)

Lady Marjory married Walter Stuart of Scotland (8th Lord High ??????ineligible)

Robert Stuart II married Elizabeth Mure (Daughter of ????ineligible)

Robert Mure III married Lady Margaret Montieth (Lord Montieth)

Murdoch Montieth married Lady Isabel Lenox (Lord of Lenox)

Lady Isabel Stuart



Gilbert 8th Laird of Buchanan -First to assume of Buchanan 1231(Charter Confirmed)

Methlen Ancestors of McMillans

Colman Ancestors of Mc Colmans


Sir Maurice Buchanan 9th Laird 1274

son Allen married Heiriss of Linny

son John Buchanan Ancestor of Buchanan's

Sir Maurice 10th -1321A.D.

Walter - 11th Laird

John Buchanan 12th Laird married Lady Isabel Stuart

Sir Alexander Buchanan killed at vermoile 1424 France

Sir Walter Buchanan 13th Laird 1443A.D. married Daughter of Duke of Albany

Patrick Buchanan 14th Laird 1458 of Buchanan Chateau

Thomas Buchanan Became 1st Laird of Carbeth D.SP

Thomas 2nd Laird D.S.P

John of Easter Ballet(1st wife) ----- 2nd wife-daughter married McGregor(???)

Thomas 3rd Laird of Carbet A. John

1. George b. 1586

Thomas 4th Laird of Carbet

2. Walter

3. Daughter-married McCousland

4. Daughter-married Buchanan of Ross



D. Archibald

E. Robert


John Buchanan succeded to Lenny, Estate

Maurice Buchanan treas of Lady Margaret's Estate

Daughter of King James I

George Buchanan Teacher of King James B.1506 d. 1582

Daughter--Name Not Recorded


(Descendants of George)

John of Blairlusk

William moved to Tyrone Ireland

George b. 1648 sold Blairlusk to William and moved to Ireland Donegal Co

1.John of Tyrone

2.Jane Buchanan daughter of Thos Romelton

Born 1742, married Andrew Montieth-1775

John Montieth" Elizabeth Gibson' 1803

James Montieth Married Francis Nelson 1845

John Montieth married Jane Young 1869

G.F.f Montieth married Mae Brown-1902

Geo. Monteith Jr. Born -1906

3.George of Munster

4.William of Tyrone Patrick

A daughter. M. Campbell


Sarah Marneel Thomas Fulton of Ireland moved to Crawford Co.,PA

4 daughters

Gen Thomas

Capt. Alexander b.1760 d. May 8-1810 married Elizabeth Leonard 1796

b.March 4, 1772

d. June 25, 1862


William b. Sept 1 1827 d. Jan 1 1895

Edward b. Jan 23 1830 d. Nov 11 1921 m.Aug 7 1895 Melissa Buielen

b. dec 1 1851

Mary b. March 2, 1832 married H.N.Schrom Mar 5, 1859 b.March 2, 1832

Elizabeth b. July 19, 1834 Married 1861 Newton Smith B. 1832 d. 1882

Robert b. 1836 married William Rowe 1865

Rebecca b. May 26 1837 Married C.J.T. Benson 1867

William died in infancy

Edward died in infancy

Caroline b. 1872 M.H. Weber

Mary b. 1870 M.F. Battles

5. Thomas of Donegal or Thomas Romelton of Donegal Co. Ireland

1. born John Buchanan married Miss Jane Russell This is the ancestor of James

Buchanan 15th Pres of the U.S.

    1. John 1789-1861 Hannah Campbel b. 1790 d. 1864
    2. James











    3. Robert b. 1804 married Ruth Moore

Jane-M P. EmmeH

Thomas- D.U.M.


William-M. Crouch

John W.-M. Brooks

Juliett. M.Z.

J. Smalley

Geo. Grubb

4. James Born 1802 Elizabeth Speer


William Speer


Edward Young


    1. Walker b. 1799
    2. Jane Young

      Victor Walker

      Sarah Isac

      Levi James

      Mathew Mary

    3. Mathew b. 1796
    4. Victor b. 1794
    5. Martha b. 1793
    6. William Buchanan b. 1792 married Jane Pierce b. 1793

William P. b. 1816 d. 1891

Married Rebekah Spencer b. 1818-1901

Andrew Spencer b. June 3, 1941

Married Adeline Risher b. Oct 5, 1844

Olive Rebek

Charles Wesley-Deceased

William L. b. June 3, 1881

Earl b. May 25, 1883

Annette- Deceased

At the end there are notes along with ones scratched along the edge of the paper on the sides.

Our Ancestors pointing to Thomas of Donegal

Presidents Parents (pointing to James and Elizabeth Speer.) married Elizabeth Speer came from Ireland in 1783

President James Buchanan April 23 Mercersbury PA. His Father James Buchanan

*James Buchanan Sr. Came form Ireland in 1783 at the invitation of an uncle living near G???psburg PA. He married Elizabeth Speer and open a country store.

????? Buchanan died July 1868 was buried in Woodward Hill cemetary in Lancaster PA.

???????????????????President and it has ??????????stored and furnished when he lived ???????