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Norwegian Facts and Trivia:

    Norway covers 125,180 square miles which is a little less than half the size of Texas and the fifth largest country in Europe. The length of Norway is 1100 miles or from San Diego to Canada. The widest part is 260 miles, in the south and 60 miles in the north. If you measure from the inside of some of the fjords to Sweden it would be more like four miles wide!

    The northern third of Norway is located in the arctic circle.

    Norway contains several of the highest waterfalls in the world.

    The worlds most northerly town is Hammerfest, Norway which has 24 hours of daylight from the end of April to the middle of August. Norway has more daylight than any other country with no real darkness during that time. Oslo has 97 more hours of daylight than Paris and 363 more hours than London.

    Grassy areas around the fjords were grazed by animals that were raised or lowered by pulleys to areas unreachable by paths. Every inch of land was used and still there was not enough to support the growing population.

    No other country, except Ireland has sent more emigrants to the U.S. in proportion to its population.

    Physically the Norwegians are the tallest of all Europeans. Scandinavians, as a whole, are the fairest with 85% having light complexions, light hair and blue eyes.


Source: Norwegian Research Guide 2004